AJI Advanced Support for Academic Writing in English

The Institute started its preparation for a new journal in English in June 2018. In order to strengthen the preparation, the Institute also started a new program, called "AJI Advanced Support for Academic Writing in English", which aims at supporting the prospective contributors of papers to the journal, by helping them to develop their capabilities to write academic works.

Since the Institute calls for interdisciplinary or multidisciplinary research, all researchers within the university, regardless of their specialties in natural or social sciences or humanities, are most welcome.

Since this is part of preparation for academic periodicals, the schedule for programs of "AJI Advanced Support for Academic Writing in English" are coordinated with the 'calls for papers' by AJI Journal and Asia-Japan Research Academic Bulletin.

When non-native speakers of English write their works in English, they usually get help from companies specialized in grammatical checking. However, our program is not concerned only with grammatical correctness. We understand that vast majority of scientists in the world are not native-born English speakers. With this in mind, we teach the clear and logical presentation of quality scientific works to an interdisciplinary, international spectrum of both native and non-native speakers of English. Through our orientation, workshops, and individual tutorial sessions, we aim to help all participants to develop their writing capabilities and enable them to present their research in truly global contexts.

In our program, whenever Japanese language is helpful it is used to ensure complete understanding, and we also discuss in Japanese in our individual tutorial sessions.

Professor Anthony Brewer, Director of the Support Program, is a specialist in English language and highly experienced editor for professional writing. He has been supporting writing in English for more than 30 years, not only for business and media purposes, but also for scientists in their academic research works. He has been helping academicians in Kyoto University, University of Osaka, Doshisha University, Meiji University, and other institutions in Japan.

Participants in the last year's program have commented, "I appreciated the helpful and considerate advice greatly," "My paper was modified and improved many, many times, and it was really helpful," "I could feel my progress in writing English, and it made me confident," and the like. These positive remarks encouraged us greatly.

We look forward to receiving your application.

Please see the 2022 program.

The first guidance will be held on July 4, 2022. After that, we will have individual sessions with the aim of contributing to the next volume (Vol.5) of the Journal of the Asia-Japan Research Institute of Ritsumeikan University. As this year we conduct each session online, it is easier for each participant from each campus to join in this program.