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Q) I have a question about NON DEGREE SHORT TERM PROGRAMS at Ritsumeikan University. How do I contact you?

 A) We are very pleased to answer your questions. Please ask us anytime.

Q) I graduated from my university already, am I still able to join the program?

 A) You MUST be enrolled in a college, university or graduate school at the commencement of the program in order to apply. When you apply for our program, you will be asked to submit your home institute-issued official Certificate of Enrollment AND an official Academic Transcript. If you have already been accepted as a graduate school student at any institution for your next semester, and are able to submit an official Certificate of Enrollment or a Notification of Acceptance, you can apply for our program.

Q) Am I able to apply for the program if I have never studied Japanese?

 A) RSJP2 and RWJP are available for those who have not previously studied Japanese. However, we recommend that all participants study at least hiragana and katakana before the program starts. RSJP1 is only for those who have studied Japanese before.

Q) May I join the program after the program has started, or may I leave the program before the last day of the program?

 A) All participants are required to fully attend the program from the first day to the last day.


Q) May I arrange my accommodations by myself?

 A) For your safety, all participants need to stay in one of the accommodations arranged by Ritsumeikan University.

Q) Can I stay in the same room as my friend?

 A) In order to give everyone a cross-cultural experience, if you are staying in a room larger than a single room, you will be paired with someone from another university or country.

Q) If I buy a travel insurance policy before my departure, can I see a doctor free of charge in Japan?

 A) This depends of your insurance plan. Usually you will be asked to pay in cash (Japanese yen) on the spot. You can use the receipt to claim your money back when you return to your home country if your insurance covers such costs.

Q) I have a medical illness and have been taking medicines for it. Am I able to get the same medicines that were prescribed for me in my country if I go to Japan?

 A) Pharmacies in Japan do not accept foreign issued prescriptions, and some types of medicines are prohibited. Please ask your Embassy or Consulate General before your departure regarding quantities and other regulations. Please note that most travel insurance will not cover any pre-existing medical conditions or chronic diseases. 

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