Japanese Pop Culture



This course overviews the birth, the present and the future prospects for Japanese pop culture. It focuses in particular on those elements of Japanese pop culture that have had a substantial influence globally: manga, anime, computer games, and the character creation business. The course will look at the uniqueness of such culture and its impact on the world while also studying its connections with traditional Japanese culture as well as Japanese culture as a whole.

Program Schedule

Program Starts Ends Fee Capacity
Japanese Pop Culture TBA TBA TBA TBA


Name Title/Degree College
Akinori NAKAMURA Professor / Doctor of Philosophy Image Arts and Sciences


Items Cost in Japanese Yen
Program Fee TBA
Service Fee TBA
Accommodation Fee EXTRA

Participants will be asked to pay housing balance upon arrival.

Japanese Pop Culture Syllabus

All Pop Culture Lectures will be taught in English.
90 min each x 15 lectures, for a total of 1,350 min (22.5 hours)

1Field Trip/ Kyoto International Manga Museum
2Field Trip/ TOEI Kyoto Studio Park
3Japanese Pop-Culture and Its Industrial Environment
4The Comic Industry – Origin
5Boost of the Manga Industry
6Anime Industry
7Development of Anime Industry in Japan
8Japanese Characters and Their Globalization
9Video Game Industry
10Development of the Japanese Game Industry
11Evolution of Japanese Heroes
12Gozilla, other Monsters and Tsuburaya
13The Birth of Kawaii
14Using J-Pop to Bring in more People to Local Region

*Subject to change.

Japanese Lesson

You will learn basic and simple Japanese vocabulary and grammar, useful for accessing Japanese Pop Culture. Beginners are welcome!
600 min (50 min x 3 class x 4 days)

Program Class Hours Date Time
Japanese Lesson 50 min x 3 x 4 days TBA 9:00-11:50
Japanese Lesson
Japanese Lesson
Japanese Language Class

Japan Studies

360 min (90 min x 4 days)
You will join 4 different, 90 min long Japan Studies classes during the program.

Peace Museum of Ritsumeikan University
Food Sample

Health Check

All students should submit "Health Certificate Form for International Students, Ritsumeikan University" signed by a health care provider or a physician. If you have any ongoing care/treatment, you should have details on the "Medical Information & Certificate" with your doctor's note including sentences that approve your participation for this program with your application form. Please note that it will be your own expense to complete the form.



Check InTBA
Check OutTBA

Participants will be asked to pay housing balance upon arrival.

How to Apply

Step 1

Confirm the following requirements.

(1) Students must be enrolled as an undergraduate or graduate student during the program. To prove their enrollment status, students will need to submit their academic transcript and enrollment certificate.
(2) Students must have the ability to communicate in English or in basic Japanese. Japan Studies classes will be conducted in either Japanese or English. Therefore, students must be capable of comprehending lectures in one of these languages.

Step 2

Prepare the required documents and complete the online application.

Required documents:

(1) Official certificate of enrollment and most recent official academic transcript from the institution the student is currently attending. 

(2) A Photocopy of the passport information page. The passport number and period of validity must be shown clearly.

(3) Your photograph.

(4) Completed health check form (Ritsumeikan University format).

Step 3

Complete the online application by the due date, May 25, 2019.

Due Date

Program Online Submission Starts Online Submission Deadline Payment Due
Japanese Pop Culture N/A N/A N/A


*All dates are subject to change.

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