January 06, 2021 NEWS

Chancellor's Statement - Toward the Promotion of Diversity and Inclusion

In the R2030 Academy Vision, Ritsumeikan defined the ideal Academy as one “dedicated to realizing diversity and inclusion,” and in June 2020, we established the new Office of Diversity and Inclusion Promotion to this end.
As Chancellor, I have formulated this policy statement to serve as a guide to the concrete promotion of diversity and inclusion at Ritsumeikan going forward. I would like to share this statement with you all as we strive to incorporate the concepts of diversity and inclusion in our efforts to make Ritsumeikan a better Academy.

Toward the Promotion of Diversity and Inclusion

Ritsumeikan was founded on the spirit of “Freedom and Innovation,” and after the war, “Peace and Democracy” was defined as the educational philosophy of Ritsumeikan University. In this way, Ritsumeikan has respected a diverse array of values and has promoted institutional development that encourages thought and action which transcend existing frameworks and boundaries through dialogue and collaboration with others. We expressed this intent in the Ritsumeikan Charter by declaring that we are “committed to... building an institution where many cultures coexist in the spirit of international mutual understanding.” In the R2030 Academy Vision as well, with an eye on creating new knowledge, we defined “realizing diversity and inclusion” as a pillar of the ideal shape of the Academy.
Respecting the diversity and lifestyles of others is vital for creating an organization where every member of the Academy can learn, pursue research, and work with peace of mind. To ensure that every member of the Academy can feel pride and joy for Ritsumeikan, we will promote diversity and inclusion by undertaking the action outlined below.

  1. Ritsumeikan shall establish an Academy where its members, who have diverse backgrounds and circumstances in terms of nationality, ethnicity, religion, ideology, social attributes, disability, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, and age, respect each other and can learn, pursue research, and work together.
  2. Ritsumeikan will raise the awareness of its members about the promotion of diversity and inclusion, and it will cultivate individuals who can respect the rights of others.
  3. Ritsumeikan will strive to create conditions for education, research, and employment by which its members can fully demonstrate their individuality and abilities.
  4. Ritsumeikan will establish support systems for those members who require reasonable accommodation.
  5. Ritsumeikan will send a strong message to the world about the importance of diversity and inclusion, and it will actively contribute to the realization of a livable society for everyone by seeking solutions to myriad social issues.

Yoshio Nakatani
Chancellor of the Ritsumeikan Trust

December 23, 2020


January 01, 2021 NEWS

New Year’s Greetings from the Chairman of the Board of Trustees and the Chancellor