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Management of the Ritsumeikan University Rules for Mask Wearing Going Forward

 At Ritsumeikan University, we formulated the “Rules for Mask Wearing at Ritsumeikan University” (September 16, 2020) that mandate the wearing of masks during your commute and while you are on any of the campuses of Ritsumeikan University. Since mask-wearing will continue to play an important role in helping to prevent the spread of COVID-19, we will essentially maintain these rules, but starting on June 16, 2022, we will manage the rules for wearing masks on campus as outlined below in light of the national government’s revised rules for mask-wearing (“Basic Policies for Novel Coronavirus Disease Control” (May 23, 2022)).

① Wearing masks outdoors
・ When you are outdoors on campus, you do not need to wear a mask (i) if you are able to keep your distance from others (at least 2m) or (ii) if you engage in little to no conversation in situations when you are not able to keep your distance from others.
* As long as you can adhere to these conditions, we recommend removing your mask when you are outdoors in the summer to prevent heat stroke.
* Conversely, please be sure to keep your mask on when you are outdoors if you cannot keep your distance from others (at least 2m) and are engaging in conversation.
② Wearing masks indoors
・ When you are indoors on campus, please continue to wear a mask according to the current rules.

 These rules are based on the current status of COVID-19 infections, so they are subject to change if the infection situation worsens because a new variant becomes prevalent or if the national government revises its policy.

[Important Points]
・ Make sure you wear your mask properly. Nonwoven masks are recommended because they are more effective at protecting against the spread and inhalation of droplets.
・ If you have trouble wearing a mask due to hypersensitivity or for some other reason, please consult with the Student Office. For faculty and staff, please notify your Dean or Director and then contact any divisions and offices you feel you should contact.

For reference: Rules for Mask Wearing at Ritsumeikan University

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