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International Research Workshops

As part of the international collaboration, the Asia-Japan Research Institute promotes the holding and participation of various international research meetings to contribute to the study of Asia and Japan from a wide range of disciplines, whether natural sciences or humanities and social sciences. We announce and report various events through our website, so please check back. We will continue to host and co-host a variety of international research meetings and promote participation in these sessions.

《Record of past International Research Workshops》

Year/Month/Date Workshop title
2023/06/17 《Research Development Program and its Projects》“North Korea’s Upgrading of Nuclear Weapons and Extended Deterrence”
2023/06/01 “Russia and the World in Global International Relations”(Dr. Kazushige Kobayashi)
2023/05/25 《Research Development Program and its Projects》:Prof. Ra Mason: “Security on Okinawa: Power, Agency and Identity as Layers of Discursive Praxis”
2023/02/02 《Ritsumeikan-ANU Public Lecture》: “Indonesia after Widodo: Contested Legacies and Futures” (Co-hosted) Associate Professor Marcus Mietzne:“Indonesia after Widodo: Contested Legacies and Futures”
2022/12/23 “Japan-China Decarbonization Urban Forum” (Representative: Professor Weisheng Zho)
2022/09/17 《Ritsumeikan – ANU Public Lecture》Prof. Stephan Frühling: “Nuclear Weapons and Alliances: Theoretical Insights and Implications for Policy” (Co-hosted)
2022/08/06 “Nuclear Disaster Compensation: Building an Anticipatory, Participatory, and Transnational Framework in East Asia”
2022/06/12 International Symposium: Keynote Speech by Professor Wendy Pearlman [Northwestern University: “Syrian Refugees in Their Calamities, Survival, and Future Lives: A Japan Roundtable”(Co-hosted)
2022/05/20 Prof. Peg Barratt: “The Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and Psychology: Developmental psychology, social psychology, and behavior change”
2022/05/12 《Research Development Program and its Projects》 “Human Security Project” Research Group
2022/03/17~18 International Symposium: “Cross-Cultural Adaptation for Asian People: Challenges and Self-Growth”
2022/03/08 International Symposium: “Towards Building a Sustainable and Resilient Society in Southeast Asia: Unmasking Opportunities and Lessons Learned during the COVID-19 Pandemic”
2021/09/11 “20 Years After, Beyond 9.11: A View of the Global Society, the Islamic World, and the Post-Terrorism Era”
2021/03/08 International Symposium: “Food and Agriculture: Beyond the Pandemic”
2020/09/18 Symposium: “The Fluctuating Gulf Situations and Japan: Visions of an Era of Crises” (Co-hosted)
2019/12/12 International Symposium: “North Korea’s Upgrading of Nuclear Weapons and Its Impact on Northeast Asia”
2019/11/05~07 International Workshop: “Kazakhstan’s Literary Heritage”
2019/09/23~24 International Symposium: “International Workshop on Islamic Economics and Finance: New Horizons in Islamic Economics”(共催)
2019/05/30 International Symposium: “The Changing Security Environment in East Asia and the Future of the Korean Peninsula ” (Co-hosted)
2019/02/23~24 International Conference: “Smart & Shrinking City”
2018/04/23 International Symposium: “The North-South Summit and the Future Prospect”
2018/02/08 International Symposium: “How to Go Beyond History : For Overcoming Vengeance
2017/02/23~24 International Conference: “Tasks and Prospects for Urban and Regional Studies in Asia” (Cohosted)