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AJI Books

Globally Shared Common Sense from the Philosophy of Imagination: Bridging Eastern and Western Perspectives
Editor MATSUI Nobuyuki
Read (September 2022)
MATSUI Nobuyuki
Climate Change, Agricultural Resilience, and Rural Society Adaptation in the Era of Rapid Change: Indonesian Perspectives
Editor Fitrio ASHARDIONO
Read (June 2022)
Asian Diaspora in the Era of Globalization: Lived Experiences among Different Cultures
Editor Jinhye LEE
Read (December 2021)
0325-01AJIBooks_Jinhye Lee
Grafting an Islamic Sapling onto the Tree of Legal Dispute Resolution: Alternative Approaches to Civil Disputes in Islamic Finance in the Gulf and Southeast Asia
Read (December 2021)
Asia and Japan Today (1): Researchers' Essays at the Arrival of a New COVID Era
Editors: Ammar KHASHAN and Ayaka KURODA
Read (March 2021)
Asia and Japan: Perspectives of History: A Symposium Record
Editors: Gyongsu MUN and Yasushi KOSUGI
Read (January 2021)