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Previous AJI Frontier Seminar and Themes

[J] indicates that it was reported in Japanese. Otherwise, they were reported in English.

No. Date Presenters Titles Report
67 2024.5.14 Dr. Marika TSUKAHARA Techno-Nationalism and the Military Affairs in Japan as a Technological Superpower: Discourses on the Construction of Japanese Battleships in the Interwar Period and the Postwar Munitions Industry [J] Read
66 2024.4.16 Dr. HO Than Tam Prospects for Sustainable Agriculture: Perspectives of Rice Farmers and Consumption Trends in Japan Read
65 2024.3.12 Mr. Natsuki CHUBACHI “The Islamic Way of Forest Utilization: A Study on Waqf Forestry in Indonesia” [J] Read
64 2024.2.13 Ms. Kyungah CHEON Food Waste Recycling in South Korea: Its Current Status and Challenges [J] Read
63 2024.1.9 Dr. Dinia Rizqi Dwijayanti Harnessing Indonesia's Herbal Wisdom for Diabetes Therapy Read
62 2023.12.12 Dr. Takaya Negishi The Significance of “Japanese Baseball” in East Asia Read
61 2023.11.14 Dr. GADJEVA Nadejda Petrova Japanese Digital Cultural Promotion: Online Experience of Kyoto Read
60 2023.10.10 Mr. Yusaku Yoneda Salafism in Contemporary Islamic Thought: Focusing on Ideological Interactions between Egypt and the Arab Gulf States [J] Read
59 2023.9.12 Dr. Nguyen Thi Thuong Grey Water Treatment Using Trickling Filters and Constructed Wetlands Planted with Edible Plants Read
58 2023.7.18 Dr. XU Puchen Do Household Incomes and Parents’ Expectations Contribute to Money and Time Investment in Shadow Education? Evidence from CFPS2016 Read
57 2023.7.18 Dr. You Li Graphical decomposition model to estimate hourly global solar radiation considering weather stochasticity Read
56 2023.6.13 Dr. Polina Ivanova Co-Creating Social Capital: Exploring Interactions between International Students and Civil Society in Japan Read
55 2023.6.13 Dr. Ryo Tsunoda Denounced Former Japanese Army Officers’ Evaluations of Their Postwar Experiences: A Study of the Army Officers’ Association [J] Read
54 2023.5.9 Dr. Variya Kunapasut Relationship between Education and Wage Inequality in Thailand: A Quantile Regression Analysis Read
53 2023.4.18 Dr. Kazutaka Sogo Prewar Japan’s Party Politics from the Perspective of Power Consolidation: Dynamics of the Interplay between “Human Factor” and “Institution” Read
52 2023.2.14 Dr. Fahlesa Munabari The Gas and Brake Policy: Indonesia’s COVID-19 Securitization Dilemmas Read
51 2023.1.10 Dr. Nguyen Thi Thuong Use of Artificially Constructed Wetlands for Mine Drainage Treatment: A Lab-Scale Case Study Using Recycled Clamshells as the Substrate Read
50 2022.12.13 Dr. Mufidah Afiyanti Regulation of Antioxidants and Nitric Oxide in Plants and Their Application to the Development of Organic Pesticides Read
49 2022.11.8 Dr. Aoi MOCHIZUKI Politics of Naming and Definitions: Reflection on Cases of Syrian, Afghan, and Ukrainian Refugees in Japan Read
48 2022.10.11 Mr. Daimon AOI Edge Highlighting as a Visual Guide in Transparent Stereoscopic Visualizations of Laser-Scanned 3D Point Clouds Read
47 2022.9.13 Mr. Shunto KIMURA A Longitudinal Study on Mothers’ Parenting Stress, Children’s Social Ability, and the Quality of Mother-Infant Interaction: Examining the Effectiveness of Parenting Seminar Interventions Read
46 2022.7.11 Dr. Kazutaka SOGO The Political Structure of Prewar Japan and the Limits of Parliamentary Politics: Linkage between Economic Expansion Abroad and Domestic Politics Read
45 2022.6.14 Dr. ZHANG Jiahao Evaluating the Potential of Regional Attributes to Attract New Talent: An Application of Conjoint Analysis on Graduates, Entrepreneurs and Tourists Read
44 2022.5.10 Dr. Ho Thanh Tam Sustainable Agricultural Practices (SAP) and Marketing Strategies for Certified Agricultural Products: Empirical Analyses of Cases in Shiga, Japan Read
43 2022.4.12 Dr. Malik ALPRADITIA The Influence of Architecture on Social Capital Development: A Literature Study on the Case of Low-income Communities During COVID-19 Pandemic Read
42 2022.3.8 Dr. Tomoyuki CHAYA Aspirations and Urban Life among Poor Youth in Contemporary India: Focusing on Going Out Experiences of Teenage Girls in Secondary Schools Read
41 2022.2.8 Dr. Sugit Sanjaya ARJON Peace for Sale: The Cost of Post-Conflict Stability in North Maluku, Indonesia Read
40 2022.1.11 Dr. GADJEVA Nadejda Petrova Japanese Public Diplomacy in European Countries: The Japan Foundation in Bulgaria and France Read
39 2021.12.14 Dr. Muhammad Riza NURDIN Islamic NGOs and Social Capital in Post-Disaster Indonesia: The Case of Dompet Dhuafa Charitable Organization in the Aftermath of the 2013 Gayo Earthquake Read
38 2021.11.19 Mr. Shota YAMADA Drinking Water Supply Sector and Ease of Entry by NGOs in Rural Bangladesh: A Case Study from Southwest Coastal Area Read
37 2021.10.12 Dr. Agus TRIHARTONO Indonesia’s Gastrodiplomacy in the Making: A Preliminary Study Read
36 2021.9.14 Dr. Cindy SUN Influences of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Families with Young Children: A Comparison between Japan and China Read
35 2021.7.13 Mr. Resuello Marjorie The Contribution of Private Enterprise to Local Disaster Management and Local Economic Development in the Philippines Read
34 2021.7.13 Dr. Chunyu JIN Cultural Exchange among East Asian Countries in the 13th to 16th Centuries: The Case of the Circulation of Sinographic Collections of Ci Poems[J] Read
33 2021.6.8 Dr. XIANG JingJing Early Modern Japanese Epidemics and the Shanghan Lun (Treatise on Cold Damage Diseases) [J] Read
32 2021.6.8 Dr. Hisako MOTOYAMA Feminism in Foreign Policy: Transformation Toward a more Equal World? Some Considerations on the Case of Japan Read
31 2021.5.11 Dr. Mari ADACHI Digital Zakat Payment in Indonesia under the Pandemic: A Preliminary Discussion Read
30 2021.4.13 Dr. Fitrio ASHARDIONO Adapting to Rapid Global Changes: Redefining Agricultural Commodities Through Specialty Product Approach Read
29 2021.316 Abu Baker KHAN Measuring the Impact of Built-environment in Urban Areas on Location Affordability: A Case Study of Rawalpindi-Islamabad, Pakistan Read
28 2021.2.16 Jung-Eun LEE The Role of ESL Schools in Transnational Migration: the Case of ESL Schools in the Philippines[J] Read
27 2021.1.20 Dr. Idiris DANISMAZ Revisiting Historical Relations between Islam and Europe: From the Perspective the Ottoman Empire and Contemporary Turkey[J] Read
26 2020.12.15 Dr. Chunyu JIN The Appreciation and Research of Chinese Ci Poetry in Japan[J] Read
25 2020.11.17 Dr. Yukiko NAKAMURA A Study on Revising Women’s Labor in India's Dairy Industry: The Case of the Women’s Dairy Cooperative Society as a Development Program[J] Read
24 2020.10.20 Dr. Fitrio ASHARDIONO Designing Resilience to Climate Change from the Perspective of Rural Areas: Strategies and Policies of Agricultural Cooperatives in Sumatra, Indonesia[J] Read
23 2020.10.20 Aoi MOCHIZUKI Reconstructing the Lives of Syrian Refugees in Europe: With Special Attention to the Differences between Refugees and Migrants[J] Read
22 2020.9.15 Dr. Midori KIRIHARA The Rise of Halal Branding and the Shariah Rules as Normative Values in Muslims' Daily Lives Read
21 2020.7.21 RONI Armis A Study on the Competitiveness of Indonesian Post-mining Cities as Tourist Destinations Read
20 2020.7.21 Dr. Iqra ANUGRAH Agrarian Politics in Contemporary Indonesia Read
19 2020.6.16 Kartika Puspita SARI Are Evacuation Maps Effective for Promote Better Understanding of a Volcanic Disaster Evacuation Plan? Lessons from Past Eruptions of Merapi Volcano in Indonesia18 Read
18 2020.6.16 Dr. Mohd FARIHAL Bin Osman The Role of Zakat Funds in Increasing Human Capital: Sustaining Islamic Education in Malaysia Read
17 2020.5.19 Dr. LEE Jinhye Diaspora Minorities in Asia and Their Identities: With Special Reference to the Koryo Saram in Kazakhstan [J] Read
16 2020.4.21 Dr. Kentaro KAMBARA Visions and Policy Ideas in Islamic Economics: A Survey of Recent Studies on Economic Development in Malaysia Read
15 2020.2.18 Dr. KyuKyu Aung State-sponsored Legal Aid System and the way towards the enhancement of its implementation in Myanmar Read
14 2020.2.18 Dr. Mari ADACHI The Traditional Role of Zakat and its Adaptation to a Modern Institution in Contemporary Indonesia Read
13 2020.1.21 Dr. Tomoko AKAMI Making Global Governing Norms: The League of Nations, INGOs, and Experts across Empires in Asia Read
12 2019.12.17 Dr. KHASHAN Ammar Significance and Perspective of Waqf Research in Modern Islamic Economy: Focusing on Classical Theory and New Trends in Malaysia [J] Read
11 2019.11.19 Mr. ALPRADITIA Malik Title: Housing Relocation to Rusunawa: Do Low-income Households Agree with the Idea of Compact City?" Read
10 2019.10.29 Dr. Nobuyuki MATSUIi Towards Redefining Human Society by Applying Nakamura  Yujiro's `Philosophy of the 'Rhythm' for Critiques of Social Divides Today Read
9 2019.10.29 Dr. Sanae ITO Nepali Nationalism and the Gorkha Earthquake of 2015: Responses of People, Migrants and the State Read
8 2019.9.17 Mr. Minori ENARI The Theoretical Basis and Reality of Regional Industrial Policy: A Case Study on the Textile Industry of Kurashiki City, Okayama Prefecture Read
7 2019.7.23 Dr. Ayaka KURODA The Voices of the Silent Muslim Majority: A Study of the Role of Moderate Islamic Thinkers Read
6 2019.7.23 Dr. Chloe PABREZ The Ethics of Self-realization in the South Korean Video Game Industry Read
5 2019.6.18 Dr. Fukiko IKEHATA Collective Ijtihad in Islamic Law as an Instrument for Trans-border Consensus Making: Research Prospects Read
4 2019.6.18 Dr. CHOI Jung Hoon Analyzing the Advancement of Nuclear Weapons under the Kim Jong Un Regime and the Situation after the Hanoi Summit Read
3 2019.5.21 Dr. IZZATI Norzilan The New Face of Waqf in Contemporary Muslim Society: How Islamic Economics is Benefiting Social Welfare in Malaysia Read
2 2019.5.21 Dr. Nobuyuki MATSUI An Embodied Semiotic Approach to Communication Space in the Contemporary Information Society and the Importance of Rediscovering Physicality: For Reconstructing Universality out of Embodied Sensitivity Read
1 2019.4.23 Dr. ASHARDIONO Fitrio Tea Industry in Asia and Climate Change: From Field Surveys in Japan, Indonesia and Sri Lanka [J] Read