MEXT Scholarship: Embassy Recommendation

Pre-enrollment Scholarships

Japanese Government (Monbukagakusho: MEXT) Embassy Recommendation Scholarship

The instructions below are for applicants who have already passed the Primary Screening conducted by the Embassy or Consulate of Japan in their home country and have received their Passing Certificate of the Primary Screening who wish to apply for a Letter of Provisional Acceptance from Ritsumeikan University.

All application procedures are conducted by the Embassy or Consulate General of Japan that is responsible for your home country/ territory. Please contact that organization for specific details regarding the application process in your country. The information below assumes that you have already followed the Embassy's or Consulate's application instructions and that you have passed the Primary Screening. Additional information may be found on the Monbukagakusho's website (Japanese only).

Applying for a Letter of Provisional Acceptance

Once applicants have received their application documents and their Passing Certificate of the Primary Screening back from the embassy, with the embassy's seals affixed, they should apply to Ritsumeikan University for a Letter of Provisional Acceptance.

1. Application Documents

Applicants must submit all of the documents listed below to the Ritsumeikan University International Center by email attachment. Please note that all documents should be stamped with the official seal of the Embassy or Consulate that conducted the Primary Screening. If possible, please consolidate your application documents into one PDF, with documents arranged in the order listed below, and use the save as reduced sized file function in your PDF viewer to reduce the file size. Set the name of the file to "application_YOUR SURNAME Given name Middle name" (ex: application_SMITH Johnathan Walter). If your name doesn't follow the "given name middle name surname" pattern, simply enter your full name as you would normally.

  1. (Required) Passing Certificate of the Primary Screening
  2. (Required) Application form for Japanese Government (Monbukagakusho: MEXT) Scholarship
    *Application forms must have the applicant's photo attached in the designated location.
  3. (Required) Field of Study and Research Program Plan
  4. (Required) Academic Transcript covering each academic year of the last university attended
  5. (Required) Graduation certificate or degree certificate from the last university attended (or an attested document certifying the date on which the applicant will graduate from the school, if still enrolled)
  6. (Required) Recommendation from the President/Dean or your adviser at the university where you are currently enrolled (or, if graduated, from your most recently enrolled university)
  7. Recommendation from the present employer (if currently employed)
  8. English or Japanese language proficiency test score sheet/certificate (if you submitted such a document to the Embassy/Consulate)
  9. Abstracts of theses, if any (if you submitted such a document(s) to the Embassy/Consulate)
  10. Medical Certificate
  11. Photograph(s) showing applicant's own works of art, videos, or recordings of any musical performances, etc. (only for those majoring in fine arts or music, and only if you submitted such works to the Embassy/Consulate))
  12. Application Survey (Ritsumeikan form/ No stamp is required.)

Additional Requirements and Notes:

2. Application Instructions

Once you have assembled all of the documents above please take clear scans of the documents and send them via email attachment (NOT via dropbox or google drive, etc.) to the Ritsumeikan University International Center as one combined PDF. DO NOT take super high resolution scans - so long as all text is legible the scans will be acceptable. Try and keep the size of your PDF under 10mb if possible.

Email Address:

  • Please note that the university's screening takes time, at least one month, so applicants who have a deadline to turn in their Letter of Acceptance should send their application documents as early as possible.
  • Do not send any application documents or attachments directly to your desired graduate school or supervising professor.

3. Application Deadline

Friday, August 9, 2024
Applicants who do not contact Ritsumeikan University by the date above will not be able to receive a Letter of Provisional Acceptance for 2025.

4. Notification of Results

There will be no interim notification of your application status. Whenever and as soon as your application results are finalized, you will be notified by email, with a Provisional Letter of Acceptance attached if you were successful. We will strive to provide results to all applicants by the deadline established by MEXT.

Applicants who decide to withdraw their application to Ritsumeikan University before receiving their notification of results should contact the Ritsumeikan University International Center immediately at:

5. Inquiries

All inquiries about admission to Ritsumeikan University under the Embassy Recommendation Japanese Government (Monbukagakusho: MEXT) Scholarship should be sent to the Ritsumeikan University International Center.

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