From the secretariat

【From the secretariat】 The Year-round Application for 2022 AJI Advanced Research Programs

Towards the second half of the 2022 academic year, we would like to introduce “AJI Advanced Research Programs” which is aimed towards young researchers in Ritsumeikan University.

Introduction of the Program

One of the missions of the Asia-Japan Research Organization/Asia-Japan Research Institute, Ritsumeikan University, is to foster young researchers. The “AJI Advancement Research Programs”, which started in 2019 best reflect our mission. They can be applied for by researchers affiliated with colleges or other research organizations of the university*,
* The following are eligible to apply: Ritsumeikan University fixed-term assistant professors, assistant project professors, starting assistant professors, assistant research professors, senior researchers, researchers, starting researchers.

Ⅰ. English Paper Writing Grant(a maximum of 200,000 yen)
Ⅱ. International Workshop Planning and Execution Grant(a maximum of 600,000 yen)
Ⅲ. International Co-Authored Paper Writing Grant(a maximum of 400,000 yen)

As stated in the application procedures, this program consists of three monetary grants, and is designed to facilitate the writing of co-authored international academic papers if you receive it systematically over several years from I → II → III, and even those who have not been able to disseminate their achievements internationally will gradually become more competent. Although it is a separate scheme, it is possible to develop more effective competence in combination with the “AJI English Thesis Writing Support Program”


 II. International Workshop Planning and Execution Grant is not limited only to supporting expenses for inviting overseas researchers/expenses for own overseas travel, but also covers the purchase of literature and printing of materials necessary for holding research meetings, as well as travel expenses for attending other symposiums, seminars related to the content of presentations at the relevant meetings and to collect information. Compared to other on-campus grant programs, this program has flexible execution rules, therefore online research meetings are also eligible for this grant.
In addition to helping young researchers to build their research achievements, we hope they will be used to build a human networks with overseas researchers which will be an asset in their future.

<The institute will also support the production of workshop posters.>PDF

Apply Now!

It has been three years since the pandemic, and we are presently in the seventh wave, but there are no government restrictions t this time. It seems that With Corona in Japan has entered a new stage. Currently if you plan a workshop or symposium with overseas researchers, or if you are trying to submit an English paper for the first time, please consider applying to this program. Applications are accepted year-round as our budget permits.


Application procedures and application forms研究高度化推進制度&c=043%20AJI研究高度化推進プログラム%EF%BC%8FAJI%20Advanced%20Research%20Programs

Director’s Office/The Significance of Supporting Young Researchers' "international research meetings" (Only in Japanese)

Report on the international workshop “Toward Sustainable Agriculture of Rice in Asia: Economic Challenges and Policy Aspects” held on July 15, 2022 with the support of this program.

Written by NaKa
Translated by NaKo