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The AJI Book Club started!

The AJI Book Club was launched in April 2022. The purpose is to introduce and discuss books related to Asian and Japanese studies. The basic idea is that there are many benefits in providing opportunities for all our researchers to talk about their favorite books, materials and literature.

The AJI Book Club comprises the "Book Launch" series that introduces new publications, the "Meet the Author" series in which authors talk about important literature in the history of research, and the "Featuring Essential Literature" series in which authors talk about historical classics and important contemporary literature.

The "AJI Book Launch" series will be held constantly!

The "Book Launch" series is a "guide to new books". Authors, editors, and translators will be invited to talk about the books of the members of the Asia-Japan Research Institute, the books that have been created through the activities related to the Institute, and new books on Asian and Japanese studies.

This is an opportunity to listen directly to the author of a new book, the one who knows it best. Also, this is a chance for graduate students and new generation of researchers to gain useful knowledge.

Please feel free to join in and invite your colleagues and friends to this Book Launch.

Previous AJI Book Launch series

"Meet the Author" series is coming soon!

There are many books that have been published before and also have great significance in the history of research, which have already become "classics" in the eyes of younger researchers. Since the author is still active, it is not an old book. However, from the viewpoint of younger people, it is sometimes a book published before they were born or before they could remember. In this sense, as a document with a historical aura, it is hard for them to get a personal feeling.

What if we had a chance to hear directly from the author and ask them questions about such book? Wouldn't that be wonderful?

In order to provide such an opportunity, AJI started a series in which you can talk to the authors about important books that have already been published.

The first "Meet the Author" featured Professor Kota Suechika's The State Transformation and Islam in Contemporary Syria (2005). This book discusses the process in which historical Syria (Sham) was divided into "smaller Syrias" in the twentieth century, and how that flow will continue in the future. It can be said that this book foresaw the further division of Syria (since the Syrian civil war from 2011) in the twenty-first century. It was an opportunity to hear about such books directly from the author. Please feel free to join us. For more information, click here.

Previous ”Meet the Author” series

We are planning the "Featuring Essential Literature" series

Another upcoming series is "Featuring Essential Literature". In this series, researchers who are familiar with specific historical literature will "talk about important historical classics or important materials" in the history of a specific research field.

This planning is currently under way to start this series in this fall. Please stay tuned.