• 2021.12.28

    The fourth book in the AJI Books series has been released online: Asian Diaspora in the Era of Globalization: Lived Experiences among Different Cultures, edited by Dr. Jinhye Lee.

  • 2021.12.27

    The paper "Integrated High-Definition Visualization of Digital Archives for Borobudur Temple" by Professor Satoshi Tanaka was published in the academic journal Remote Sensing.

  • 2021.12.27

    A Book Review on Growth of Islamic Banking in Indonesia By Sigit Pramono and Yasushi Suzuki was newly published in “Asia-Japan Research Academic Bulletin”Vol.2, 2021.

  • 2021.12.27

    A Book Review on Human Dimensions of Wildlife Management in Japan: From Asia to the World By Ryo SAKURAI was newly published in “Asia-Japan Research Academic Bulletin”Vol.2, 2021.

  • 2021.12.27

    The third book in the AJI Books series has been released online: Grafting an Islamic Sapling onto the Tree of Legal Dispute Resolution: Alternative Approaches to Civil Disputes in Islamic Finance in the Gulf and Southeast Asia, written by Dr. Ai Kawa

  • 2021.12.24

    The 39th AJI Frontier Seminar on “Islamic NGOs and Social Capital in Post-Disaster Indonesia: The Case of Dompet Dhuafa Charitable Organization in the Aftermath of the 2013 Gayo Earthquake”

  • 2021.11.17

    The 38th AJI Frontier Seminar on "Drinking Water Supply Sector and Ease of Entry by NGOs in Rural Bangladesh: A Case Study from Southwest Coastal Area"

  • 2021.11.12

    A Book Review on Nature, Culture, and Food in Monsoon Asia by Satoshi YOKOYAMA, Jun MATSUMOTO, and Hitoshi ARAKI was newly published in “Asia-Japan Research Academic Bulletin”Vol.2, 2021.

  • 2021.11.12

    A Book Review on Philosophy and Practice of Bioethics Across and Between Cultures by Takao TAKAHASHI, Nader GHOTBI and Darryl R. J. MACER was newly published in “Asia-Japan Research Academic Bulletin”Vol.2, 2021.

  • 2021.10.29

    The third volume of AJI Journal has been released online!

  • 2021.10.21

    The 37th AJI Frontier Seminar on “Indonesia’s Gastrodiplomacy in the Making: A Preliminary Study”

  • 2021.09.30

    Workshop "20 Years After, Beyond 9.11: A View of the Global Society, the Islamic World, and the Post-Terrorism Era" took place.

  • 2021.09.29

    The 36th AJI Frontier Seminar on "Influences of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Families with Young Children: A Comparison between Japan and China"

  • 2021.08.06

    The Asia-Japan Research Institute was awarded a prize for the “Challenge for the Future by faculty members of Ritsumeikan University in 2020 Corona”.

  • 2021.08.04

    Online guidance seminar for the Asia-Japan Research Development Program 2020

  • 2021.07.30

    A Book Review on Automotive Industrialisation: Industrial Policy and Development in Southeast Asia, by Kaoru NATSUDA and John Thoburn was newly published in “Asia-Japan Research Academic Bulletin”Vol.2, 2021.

  • 2021.07.30

    The 35th Frontier Seminar on “The Contribution of Private Enterprises to Local Disaster Management and Local Economic Development in the Philippines”

  • 2021.07.19

    The 34th AJI Frontier Seminar on “Cultural Exchange in East Asia through Chinese Classical Books: A Case Study of the Circulation of Poetry Collections during the Thirteenth to Seventeenth Centuries”

  • 2021.07.08

    The 33rd Frontier Seminar on “Plague and Shokanron in Early Modern Japan”

  • 2021.06.28

    Asia-Japan Research Academic Bulletin, Vol.2, 2021 has been released online.

  • 2021.06.24

    Call for papers for Vol.4 of AJI Journal.

  • 2021.06.18

    The 32nd AJI Frontier Seminar on the “Feminism in Foreign Policy: Transformation Toward a more Equal World? Some Considerations on the Case of Japan”

  • PDF 2021.06.12

    Call for Papers for Asia-Japan Research Academic Bulletin

  • 2021.06.11

    The 28th AJI Frontier Seminar on the “The Role of ESL Schools in Transnational Migration: the Case of ESL Schools in the Philippines”

  • 2021.06.07

    The winners of the best articles from the Journal of Asia-Japan Research Institute of Ritsumeikan (AJI Journal) were decided, and the award ceremony was held!

  • 2021.06.03

    The 31th AJI Frontier Seminar on the “Digital Zakat Payment in Indonesia under the Pandemic: A Preliminary Discussion”

  • 2021.05.24

    AJI Advanced Support for Academic Writing in English will start in July! Participation is easier this year since instruction will be online.

  • 2021.05.14

    The 29th AJI Frontier Seminar on the “Measuring the Impact of Built-environment in Urban Areas on Location Affordability: A Case Study of Rawalpindi-Islamabad, Pakistan”

  • 2021.04.27

    The 30th AJI Frontier Seminar on the “Adapting to Rapid Global Changes: Redefining Agricultural Commodities through Specialty Product Approach”

  • 2021.04.16

    An international symposium to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the Asia-Japan Research Institute was conducted online

  • 2021.03.30

    Video Record of International Symposium on "Food and Agriculture: Beyond the Pandemic," is now on YouTube!

  • 2021.03.25

    The second book of AJI Books series is just published: Asia and Japan Today (1): Researchers' Essays at the Arrival of a New COVID Era, Editors: Ammar Khashan and Ayaka Kuroda

  • 2021.01.25

    A new series, AJI Books, has been launched online! The first book is: Asia and Japan: Perspectives of History

  • 2021.01.20

    The 27th AJI Frontier Seminar on “Revisiting Historical Relations between Islam and Europe: From the Perspective the Ottoman Empire and Contemporary Turkey”

  • 2021.01.13

    Researchers from Asia-Japan Institute Participated in the 18th Asia-Pacific Conference

  • 2020.12.21

    The 26th AJI Frontier Seminar on the “The Appreciation and Research of Chinese Ci Poetry in Japan”

  • 2020.11.19

    Asia-Japan Today: Researchers’ Essays, No.11 “Life between Searching for the Classic in the Cyber Space and Going to the Field: My Studies on Islamic Economics in the Middle East and Southeast Asia” has been released!

  • 2020.11.19

    The 25th AJI Frontier Seminar on “A Preliminary Study on the Development of the Dairy Industry and Women's Labor in India: Focusing on the Women's Dairy Cooperative Association”

  • 2020.11.18

    The “Gulf Symposium” was held on “The Fluctuating Gulf Situations and Japan: Visions of an Era of Crises”

  • 2020.11.18

    The entire video record of the “Gulf Symposium” is now uploaded!

  • 2020.11.01

    The 24th AJI Frontier Seminar on “Envision of a Climate Change Countermeasures from Farmland: Strategies and Policies of Agricultural Cooperatives in Sumatra, Indonesia”

  • 2020.10.30

    Two Brief Research Reports have been released in Asia-Japan Research Academic Bulletin.

  • 2020.10.30

    The 23rd AJI Frontier Seminar on “Reconstructing the Lives of Syrian Refugees in Europe: With Special Attention to the Differences between Refugees and Migrants”

  • 2020.10.16

    The 5th AJI Interdisciplinary Seminar: “Understanding Regionalism and Japan from the Perspective of International Politics: Asian Regionalism as a Legacy of Pan-Asianism”

  • 2020.10.16

    The second volume of AJI Journal has been released online!

  • 2020.09.29

    The 22nd AJI Frontier Seminar on " The Rise of Halal Branding and the Shariah Rules as Normative Values in Muslims' Daily Lives"

  • 2020.07.31

    Asia-Japan Today: Researchers’ Essays, No.10 “Contemporary Middle East Studies under the COVID-19 Crisis: Countermeasures to the “Field Survey”” has been released!

  • 2020.07.30

    20th AJI Research Frontline Seminar on " Peasants and Activists in Contemporary Indonesia: Between Countermovement and Market Accommodation”

  • 2020.07.30

    19th AJI Research Frontline Seminar on "Can Maps Help to Promote Better Understanding of a Community’s Disaster Evacuation Plan?”

  • 2020.07.30

    21st AJI Research Frontline Seminar on "A Study on The Competitiveness of Indonesian Post-mining Cities as Tourist Destinations”

  • 2020.07.30

    The 4th AJI Interdisciplinary Seminar: “Dynamics of Identity of Migration/Refugees in the Muslim Society in the Southern Philippines”

  • 2020.07.26

    The 3rd AJI Interdisciplinary Seminar: “Reconsidering the Regional History of Middle Eastern Islam from Studying the Historiographies of Universal History”

  • 2020.07.15

    Asia-Japan Today: Researchers’ Essays, No.9 “Reformulating Religious Tourism after COVI-19: Reflections on Area Studies from the Perspective of Mobility ” has been released!

  • 2020.07.09

    Asia-Japan Today: Researchers’ Essays, No.8 “The Joy of Reading Personal Histories from the Primary Sources: Encounters during My Research on Islamic Thinkers in Egypt.” has been released!

  • 2020.06.30

    18th AJI Research Frontline Seminar on "The Role of Zakat Funds in Increasing Human Capital: Sustaining Islamic Education in Malaysia"

  • 2020.06.26

    The 2nd AJI Interdisciplinary Seminar: “Diaspora as a Way: Humanities Knowledge to Resist Stronger Nations and Borders”

  • 2020.06.25

    The 17th AJI Frontier Seminar on the “Diaspora Minorities in Asia and Their Identities: With Special Reference to the Koryo Saram (Korean Community) in Kazakhstan”

  • 2020.06.24

    Asia-Japan Today: Researchers’ Essays, No.7 “What can COVID19 Imply for Nuclear-Armed North Korea?” has been released!

  • 2020.06.17

    Asia-Japan Today: Researchers’ Essays, No.6 “A New Mode of Jihad and Martyrdom in Iran: The Battle against Covid-19” has been released!

  • 2020.06.10

    Asia-Japan Today: Researchers' Essays, No.5 "Living between Pakistan and Japan: The Struggles of an Area Studies Researcher and a Working Mother" has been released!

  • 2020.06.04

    Call for Papers for Vol.3 of AJI Journal

  • 2020.06.03

    Asia-Japan Today: Researchers' Essays, No.4 ”In Order to Stay Connected to the World: As a Korean Diaspora Researcher”

  • 2020.05.27

    Asia-Japan Today: Researchers' Essays, No.3 ”Field Science in the Corona Era: Through Intimate Ties with Farmers in Indonesia”has been released!

  • 2020.05.20

    AJI Advanced Support for Academic Writing in English will start in July! Participation is easier this year since instruction will be online.

  • 2020.05.20

    Asia-Japan Today: Researchers' Essays, No.2 "Even Globalized, the World is Uneven: The Pandemic and Area Studies" has been released!

  • 2020.05.13

    New Series has started! Asia-Japan Today: Researchers' Essays

  • 2020.05.12

    New "AJI Interdisciplinary Seminar" launched: "Issues and Prospects of Researchers in the Corona Crisis Era"

  • 2020.04.27

    The 16th AJI Frontier Seminar on "Visions and Policy Ideas in Islamic Economics: A Survey of Recent Studies on Economic Development in Malaysia”

  • 2020.03.01

    The 14th AJI Frontier Seminar on "The Traditional Role of Zakat and its Adaptation to a Modern Institution in Contemporary Indonesia”

  • 2020.03.01

    The award ceremony for the first issue of the AJI Journal was held!

  • 2020.03.01

    The 15th AJI Frontier Seminar on "State-sponsored Legal Aid System and the way towards the enhancement of its implementation in Myanmar”

  • 2020.02.29

    The 13th AJI Frontier Seminar on " Making Global Governing Norms: The League of Nations, INGOs, and Experts across Empires in Asia”

  • 2020.02.10

    The 12th AJI Frontier Seminar on the "Significance and Prospects of Waqf Research in Modern Islamic Economics: Focusing on Classical Theory and New Developments in Malaysia”

  • 2020.02.09

    The 11th AJI Frontier Research Seminar on “Housing Relocation to Rusunawa: Do Low-come Households Agree with the Idea of a Compact City?”

  • 2020.02.06

    10th AJI Research Frontline Seminar on “Towards Redefining Human Society by Applying Nakamura Yujiro's Philosophy of the 'Rhythm' Under the title of “Critiques of Social Divides Today”

  • 2020.02.05

    9th AJI Research Frontline Seminar on “The Great Nepal Earthquake of 2015: Responses of People, Migrants and the State”

  • 2020.02.03

    8th AJI Research Frontline Seminar on “The Theoretical Basis and Reality of Regional Industrial Policy: A Case Study on The Textile Industry of Kurashiki City, Okayama Prefecture”

  • 2019.11.27

    A new online bulletin has been released!

  • 2019.10.23

    7th AJI Research Frontline Seminar on “The Voices of the Silent Muslim Majority: A Study of the Role of Moderate Islamic Thinkers”

  • 2019.10.11

    6th AJI Research Frontline Seminar on “The Ethics of Self-realization in the South Korean Video Game Industry”

  • 2019.09.11

    5th AJI Research Frontline Seminar on "Collective Ijtihad in Islamic Law as an Instrument for Trans-border Consensus Making: Research Prospects"

  • 2019.08.07

    Director’s Interview with Professor Tsutomu Kanayama, Dean of the College of Global Liberal Arts (GLA)

  • PDF 2019.08.07

    On special features in the Journal

  • 2019.08.07

    Call for Research Papers for the Second Volume

  • 2019.07.31

    The first volume of AJI Journal has been released online!

  • 2019.07.17

    4th AJI Research Frontline Seminar on “Analyzing the Advancement of Nuclear Weapons under the Kim Jong Un Regime and the Situation after the Hanoi Summit”

  • 2019.07.03

    Members of the Institute Academic Year 2019

  • 2019.06.19

    3rd AJI Frontier Seminar held on "The New Face of Waqf in Contemporary Muslim Society: How Islamic Economics is Benefiting Social Welfare in Malaysia"

  • 2019.06.10

    Professor Brewer talks about the support program (Director’s Interview).

  • 2019.06.10

    AJI Advance Support for Academic Writing in English will start in three weeks.
    Please apply now if you are interested!

  • 2019.06.07

    New English Digital Bulletin, Asia-Japan Research Bulletin, will be inaugurated in October 2019. Please send your papers!

  • 2019.06.06

    The Second AJI Frontier Seminar was held entitled: An Embodied Semiotic Approach to Communication Space in the Contemporary Information Society

  • 2019.06.05

    Chancellor Nakatani Pronounces an Encouragement for the AJI

  • 2019.06.04

    AJI Frontier Seminars have Started. The first meeting was held on the Tea Industry in Asia

  • 2019.05.23

    Call for Research Papers

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